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Division Rivals Calculator

FUT Division Rivals ImageFor FIFA 19, Online Seasons were replaced with a new game mode known as Division Rivals.  Upon starting this mode for the first time you are asked to play 5 matches to determine your starting division.  There are 10 divisions and from this process, most players will find themselves starting in Division 4-6.  A value called Skill Rating determines your division, with each win increasing your skill rating and each loss decreasing it.  Once your skill rating increases or decreases to a specific value you will earn promotion to a higher division or be relegated to a lower one.  In addition for each win, you will also receive FUT Champions qualification points which can be used to enter the FUT Champions weekend league (a small number of points are earned for a draw/loss as well).  Higher divisions provide more FUT qualification points per game than lower divisions.  See our FUT Champions Calculators for more details on this: FUT Champions Rewards Calculator / FUT Champions Rank Calculator

Lastly, following the end of each game you will earn Division Rival Score points (a default Score of 400 is also provided from Fut Champions matches).  Each week these are totaled up relative to the score points of other players in your division and you will be assigned a Rank from 1-5.  With Rank 1 being the highest, the ranks determine your prizes for that week of Division Rivals.  The Division Rivals week runs from Thursday 08:00 UTC to Thursday 07:59 the following week.  Within FUT itself you are able to view the minimum score point bands from the last week which can give you a guide to how much to aim for in the current week.  Using this with FutCalc's Division Rivals calculator below you can estimate how many games you will need to play to reach that target.  To begin, add your values of:

  1. Target Rivals Score
  2. Number of Weekend League Games Played (if you don't expect to play any Fut Champions game ignore this)
  3. Average Win Percentage (if you win half your games enter 50)
  4. Average Goals Scored per Game (maximum of 5)

After entering these values, your average score points per game will be calculated as well as the number of games to reach your target score.